Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Start of National Novel Writing Month.

My Unofficial NaNoWriMo

I am four days into my unofficial attempt at National Novel Writing Month. To achieve the 50,000 words in a month I need to average 1667 words a day. I began the challenge with 105,713 words of the novel written and I was 833 words into chapter fifty-three.  

Day one:  A good solid start. Did bits of research as I went using the web. I finished chapter fifty-three and got halfway through chapter fifty-four. I updated the outline of coming chapters up to chapter sixty. Wrote 1726 words.

Day two:  I love days were I have to constantly stop what I am doing to scribble down notes for my writing. I had to pull the notebook out on my way back from the pool, and while eating breakfast and then lunch. My mind was on the job and I wrote 1809 words.

Day three: Started late so I struggled to get the words done. And then I had a bit of a plot quandary which had been stopping to think for a while. I ended up writing 1671 words.

Day four: I finished chapter fifty-six and was about halfway through chapter fifty-seven when I stopped on my 1667th word. Again I was doing lots of bits of research on the web as I went.
So I have written 6933 words in the first four days. It feels more of a struggle this year than last year, but at the same time last year I had written 6817 words. My novel has grown to 112,648 words.

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Anthony J. Langford said...

Very good Graham.
Week Two is the hardest I find.
That won't be a novel, it will be a new front fence!