Sunday, November 25, 2012

Week Three of National Novel Writing Month.

I started this week 18 days into my unofficial National Novel Writing Month with 19004 words to write to reach my 50,000 word total. This is how I went:

Day 19: I realised the chapter I was 600 words into was in the wrong person, so I broke the NaNo rule of no editing and went back and changed it to first person. While doing that I had a brain fade and thought I had failed to explain a plot element so I started to explain it and then realised I had already done that earlier in the novel. I eventually got everything sorted out and I wrote 1797 new words.

Day 20: A very good day of writing where lots of elements of the story were dealt with in quick succession. I wrote 1776 words for the day.

Day 21: Amazingly, after spending much of the day researching and writing a new article for Divine, and then transcribing all my loose notes for the novel into its outline, I managed to reach my daily word target and wrote 1674 words.

Day 22: I fooled around with the outline. I have plot points going up to chapter seventy-eight, six chapters ahead. I felt there was a chance I would finish the novel before I reached my NaNo target. I had to do a little medical research as I wrote. I wrote 1731 words for the day.

Day 23: I wrote 1784 words for the day.

Day 24: I was nearly in tears as I wrote an emotionally charged scene. Wrote 1735 words for the day.

Day 25: I started writing late, telling myself I was ahead of schedule so it did not matter if I failed to reach my daily target, but I did anyway. I wrote 1701 words.

So I finished this week of NaNo with 43,144 words written which is 1469 words ahead of schedule. At the same time last year I had written 41,359 words.

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Anthony J. Langford said...

Glad its going so well Graham.