Saturday, February 16, 2013

My writing.


Hi all,

After a number of posts not about me, I thought it was time to shout out to the world about what I have been up to with my writing.

New Article on Divine

I have a new article up on the Divine website. This one is for all those people who love to cover footpaths with their out of control gardens, or think it is a great place to park their car, too bad for pedestrians who use wheelchairs or can’t see.

I have started researching another article and the editor of Divine has suggested a further article I have agreed to write.


I mentioned in a previous post that changes Facebook had made were making it harder to plug my blog and Divine writing. I said I was going to explore other avenues of social networking. Well, I am now using Google+ more often than Facebook. I particularly like the communities setup on Google+ and I have joined a number of very active and highly informative writing and speculative fiction groups. I have also started a community for the Divine website.

My Novel Writing

I am making slow progress towards the end of the novel I am writing. I am up to chapter 91, which is one long action sequence. I find action sequences hard to write as I ponder how much information to put in. Do I have to include every move and thought as a human and alien battle it out? I have decided not to. I am much more comfortable writing internal monologues and dialogue, even descriptive passages. But the second half of the novel is one action scene after another. Sometimes I wish I could just tell the reader the outcome of an action scene, but I know that is crap writing.  

I have a message on my monitor that says “If you think the scene will be too difficult to write, WRITE IT.” So I don’t allow myself to cop out. Whether what I am writing is any good, who knows. My inner critic is currently shouting “not good enough”.

I have now written 179,337 words of the novel.

I am taking my inner critic on a holiday this week to Lakes Entrance and its 90 mile beach. Hopefully my inner critic will come back refreshed and with something more constructive to say about my writing, or maybe I will just drown it.        

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