Saturday, October 12, 2013

So Much Pain.

What a lousy week, so much pain. A toothache - of all things - lead an assault by every inflammation in my body. From my swimmer’s knees, tight hamstrings, sore lower back, to my aching elbows and big toes. And to top that off, the eye on the side of the swollen tooth root ached too. Last week I was a supernova of inflammation.

My subconscious was not too rapt in the havoc my tooth caused too, because this morning, while sleeping I whacked the still swollen cheek with my hand. That sure did wake me up. Fortunately, antibiotics have started to reduce the swelling.

So this week was not a week of writing a new article for Divine, finishing reading a couple of books, catching up on my newspaper reading, and perhaps even finishing the first draft of my latest novel. Instead, it was a daze of pain, lack of sleep and painkillers. 

New Article on Asperger’s 

But one good thing did happen, I had another article posted on the Divine website. This one is about a panel I attended at the Melbourne Writer’s Festival on Asperger’s syndrome. The panel featured Graeme Simsion and his novel The Rosie Project, and Jo Case and her non-fiction book Boomer and Me. 

Next Article for Divine 

I have done most of the research and half written an article based on another of the sessions at the writer’s festival called Healing Words. The article will be much broader than the discussion of that panel.

Next week, I have various appointments for dentists, doctors and other organisations, and our kitchen and bathroom are being painted, so the fumes will probably inflame my asthma, so it does not look good for catching up on all things writing too. But hopefully I can come up with a more enlightening blog post.


Anthony J. Langford said...

Sorry to hear about your troubles Graham - must be very frustrating.

Congrats on the article too - I did read - don't think I left a comment there. Feel a bit odd leaving comments there at time, not having a disability. Youve had a great run there.

Hang in there with yr writing too - love to see that novel out there one day.

Graham Clements said...

I appreciate your thoughts Anthony. I am hoping the lack of comments on my Asperger's article is due to the new editor being too busy to moderate them. Pedantic me has decided to get a second opinion on the tooth, so more waiting for an appointment in Melbourne. At least the swelling seems to be under control.

Helen V. said...

That sounds awful, Graham. Fingers crossed that thing settle soon.