Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Price Survey of Top 100 Selling ebooks: December 2014

Even though I no longer buy books or ebooks from Amazon, I am still interested in their prices and the potential impact they might have on the publishing industry. So I have decided to continue my periodic survey of the price of the top 100 bestselling ebooks on Amazon.  I checked the bestseller list at around 2PM today and this is what I found.

The most popular prices of ebooks in the top 100 were 99c (14), $1.99 (15), $2.99 (13), $3.99 (14), $4.99 (11) with six at both $6.99 and $9.99.


Compared with recent surveys, the number of ebooks on the list at 99c continued to fall.

The number of ebooks at $1.99 dropped after a rise in August. 


The number of ebooks selling at the guru nominated price of $2.99 rebounded to just about average levels after reaching its lowest number in August. 


The number of ebooks on the list at $2.99 or less rebounded to a near record high. It appears that consumers are after cheaper ebooks once more. 


ebooks at $3.99 seemed to have bottomed out, with eight being the new norm. 

After a spike in August, the number of ebooks on the list at $4.99 has returned to near average.

The trend continues for 2014 of less ebooks priced $7 or more making the top 100 bestseller list. 

Overall it appears that the price of ebooks making the bestseller list is going down, mainly due to a rise in those at $2.99. 

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Keith Stevenson said...

Another great analysis, Graham